Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I've been in France for nearly a week, and am speaking today for the third time at the campout organized by Les Enfants d'Abord. I haven't been online much because the internet is spotty at the camp, but I will report more and bring some photos later.

Things I saw my first few days here are at my blog, The photos from Lyon upload so painstakingly out here at the camp that I've given up. There are a few. (And for those reading this after June 15, there might be a great many). Right. What's there now is of a Fort l'Ecluse, along the highway, HIGH on a steep-cliff hillside, and thing or two along the way. There will be over 200 photos in that folder, eventually.

And there start to be a few from a medieval town called Pérouge.

Surely others have taken better photos than mine. Maybe google Fort l'Ecluse and Pérouge, images.

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