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TRAVEL BLOGS FROM 2011 (and my older notes below)

Sandra in the UK and France (2011)

Beth and Emma in Europe, Spring 2011

Brenna in India, April 2011

Blake Boles: "Blake Travels a lot"

Notes on prior travels (mine and Holly's):
I'm starting to really love blogs for travelogues. When I've travelled in the past, I wasn't able to communicate with so many people so easily, or share photos. I've begun to fill in the holes on a few of those things, and this seemed as good a place as any to create a collection.

My trip to India in October and November 2010

Holly in England, May and June 2005
(Including a side trip to France, for a wedding, and though some of the photos became unmoored, they might eventually be restored there. I was keeping notes from Holly's calls and e-mails, with photos from Helene McNeill and Holly.)

East Yorkshire, 2000 (with Holly)

Cambridge and London, 1979