Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in England

The presentation in the Netherlands was long and good (from my perspective it was good; a few people were troubled or frustrated by one thing or another that I said).

The week's visit was short and great!

Two weeks more.

Anyone still wishing they could have heard me who can get to Ashford nine days from now has another chance. LTTL (Learning Trust - Trusting Learning) 2012


  1. Hi Sandra
    Looking forward to hearing you speak at LTTL soon. I know one of the things you are speaking about is food, and I wondered if you had come across this great article -
    Neat eh?
    best wishes, Julie


    It is pretty nice. :-)

    My daughter Holly has a plan, too. Don't save the best bites for last. She eats the best bites in the first half of eating, and then she can feel done.