Friday, July 6, 2012

Photos, notes and Amsterdam

I've added some blog links and links to photo collections at the schedule (above right, on the blog).

I'm not as young as I used to be. I need more recuperation time these days! :-) Still, I did make it up tower of Westerkerk in Amsterdam and only got winded for a couple of seconds, on the second spiral flight. We rested there while the tour guide talked a while, and went on. A few photos are there, and lots from and in the canals, and of bicycles, and building details here. If you're willing to pay some money, wait a while, and climb many flights of ever-steeper and mismatched stairs, Amsterdam looks like this for a little while:

And you pass by things like this on the way up there:

This two-part photo (taped together, on a utilities box up in the tower) shows the church tower on a snowy day many years ago. We were about halfway up, just before it goes narrow for the carillon and the clock.

We didn't get to hear the carillon that day, nor go up that high, but there are youtube videos.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in England

The presentation in the Netherlands was long and good (from my perspective it was good; a few people were troubled or frustrated by one thing or another that I said).

The week's visit was short and great!

Two weeks more.

Anyone still wishing they could have heard me who can get to Ashford nine days from now has another chance. LTTL (Learning Trust - Trusting Learning) 2012