Clicking a linked name will go to a blog post about that particular aspect of the day. Clicking "photos" will go to the Photobucket set from the whole day, with possibly redundant or inexplicable photos along with "important" ones.

June 2 leave Albuquerque
June 3, arrived at Heathrow
June 4, Ox Roast in Windsor, Beacon lighting in Staines photos
           We also saw the changing of the guard that day, at Windsor, and followed them
           to the barracks (with Addi Davidson, Jill Parmer's daughter)
June 5, Julie's (We ate fish and chips for dinner, watched the royal procession and fly over on TV)

June 6, to France from London, stayed with Claire Darbaud in Prevessin Moens   photos
June 7, to Yvoire, by boat photos
June 8, stayed close to Claire's house, visited Helene and went to the mall photos
June 9, to see Lyon, and to visit Claire's mother and sisters
           stopped by Fort l'Ecluse and Perouges photos of the day
June 10, went to the campsite
June 11-13, Camping event near Geneva (spoke each day) photos

June 14, Returned to Heathrow, Julie's house (detained by immigration; scary)
June 15, Ealing to see Adam in "Mary Poppins" photos
June 16, Toy Store and market day in Staines, Windsor Castle photos of the day
June 17, Pitshanger Park in Ealing photos
June 18, stayed in at Julie's, wrote, played games
June 19, Adam's martial arts class, swimming, Beaver scouts (lighter day; Adam was tired and Julie was ill) some photos
June 20, Legoland a blogpost and photos
June 21, Northolt Group meet (I walked around instead, took photos)
June 22,
June 23, Tesco and Staines Market, daytime, Beaver Scout annual general evening
        Adam got "Beaver of the Year" award. photos

June 24, stayed in, watched "Enchanted," played games June 25, Tea at The Oakley Court Hotel blog post / all photos
June 26, (laundry and pack)

The Netherlands
June 27, flew to Amsterdam, taxi to Rippy's, walked to see the houseboat
           walked through old part of Leiden (←blog post) photos
June 28, boat tour photos of the day
June 29, met with other home ed families at a playground, set up the site photos
June 30, speaking in Leiden Follow-up Notes (still being added to)
July 1, Julie and Adam return
July 2, Amsterdam with Rippy photos and one blogpost
July 3, Leiden Cemetery and to Wassenaar with Graham, and the beach, shops photos

July 4, return to London
July 5, stayed in to rest; no photos
July 6, Friday (free in the daytime) Stagecoach evening
July 7, cancelled for rain: Saturday hike up to the Uffington White Horse with Cathy Koetsier
We went to Staines to see Ice Age 4 in the afternoon, the house was burglarized, and my computer stolen.

July 8, Sunday, went to Kingston upon Thames to the Apple shop to get a new computer
Monday July 9 "Windsor Eye" (not its real name), Thames boat ride, Eton photos
Tuesday, July 10
Wednesday, July 11 Brooklands Museum
Thursday, July 12
Friday, July 13, conference prep (some site photos)
July 14-15, Ashford, Surrey
LiTTLe Conference (I spoke on Sunday)
July 16, Julie took me shopping in Ealing, for things for Holly mostly
July 17, packing
July 18, return to Albuquerque (not really until 1:45 a.m. July 19, which was 8:45 a.m. July 19 in UK time, but I did get home! :-)