Monday, June 4, 2012

England. I *love* England.

I've been here a day and a half, and have partaken of an ox roast in a park in Windsor, and attended the lighting of a beacon in Staines.  Julie Daniel is a wonderful host for an Anglophile such as myself.

Photos of the beacon lighting are here: 

The full dump of the day can be viewed here:  

As usual, I like skylines, double layers, doors, windows.... but this time there are lots of photos of the red, white and blue decorations everywhere, flags and pennons on people's houses and across streets and in store windows...  There is a video of some little girls dancing to a rock choir performance, one of the director, and one of the outgoing guardsmen marching behind the band, leaving Windsor Castle.


  1. I'd forgotten quite how much I enjoyed reading about your adventures in the UK, seeing my country through your eyes. Welcome back!