Sunday, April 1, 2012

More details on the camping in France:

Our gathering with Sandra Dodd is confirmed. Yippee! 
It will take place in a camping in Haute Savoie near Annecy on June 11th to 13th. It will be organised through “Les enfants d’abord” but it is open to all. The gathering will be monday to wednesday, but some people gave already said they will arrive sunday night and/or stay for the whole week (that probably includes us). 
We will organise several talks and Q&A periods with Sandra and we will have a simultaneous translation. We will communicate the times and subjects later (in case you only want to come for one day). If there are a lot of english speakers and bilingual people, we might organise an extra “all in english” talk so you have a chance to exchange with Sandra in a more direct way 
Sandra is coming for free and is only asking that we cover her travel expenses (Return flight from London, meals and lodging). We will have a collection pot and leave the individual participation to your appreciation. We know that if we give about 10 euros per family to the pot, it should pretty much cover the expenses. We will manage the money in all transparency. 
We will send the reservation details within a week or two. You can also check back on this blog, I will post updates here.   
Rencontre avec Sandra Dodd – 11 au 13 juin 2012 

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